Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend is here!!!!!!!!!!

Woohooo!!!! It's Friday!!
So I just thought of popping in and sharing some thoughts and plans today. No card to share as Im 'creating some candles for Easter right now. Here the godmother buys a candle for her godchild with special decoration on it at Easter. I'll share some of them later.
Weekend is finally here and it looks as it's going to be a sunny and warm weekend!! It's almost the first weekend of this year that both children are in good health (no coughing, sneezing, fever!!!!!!!) and the weather is good enough to go out. I'm planning to take Ektoras (my eldest treasure!!) to a Disney show tonight and then spend a cosy evening with hubby! So I'm planning on a special dinner menu.... I'm thinking ceasar's salad, champagne soup and a sweet, totally greek pie with phyllo and milk (hubby loooves this) as dessert!! Maybe I'll post the recipe one of these days......
Thanks for visiting !! Have a great weekend!!!

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