Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New blog in town!!

Hello!!! I have been
thinking of creating a blog for
a long time now.
A "diary" where I could share my creations, my thoughts maybe
and I don't know where else this can lead to. I don't think I'm very talented with speech
(especially written speech!!) and probably that's the reason it took me soooo long
to start my own blog.....I'm not even sure what I will write about, or if I will be a
regular blogger....and most of all if anyone is interested in reading it.... but
I thought "ok. why not give it a try??" I have no idea what I'm doing so try to
be lenient and bear with me...(Hahaha)Thanks for stopping by .... and see you soon!!!


  1. Welcome to Blogland, Sofia! I hope you have fun!

  2. i started one just recently, too...have the same feelings as you...will i keep it up? who will read it? but here i found you because of the love of stamping! :)